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  1. Benfish65
    Benfish65 Mark Carew
    Mark, I sent a email but haven’t heard anything back yet.

    Does the machine come with everything you need?
    On the C-Beam options is shows that there is a control board that is out of stock. If I buy the machine, what control comes with it?
    Do you sell the water cooled spindles?
    Do you offer free shipping
    If I’m close to you can I pick up the package to save on shipping cost?
    1. Mark Carew
      Mark Carew
      Hello @Benfish65 Thank you for contacting me. It looks like the Part Store Team is reaching out to you on this as we speak, but I can say that there is a wiring video in the works for the the C-Beam Machine and the BlackBox! It should be available soon. Thank you and all the best with your Build.
      Oct 7, 2019
  2. Neil Rosenberg
    Neil Rosenberg
    Interested persons can email me directly at neil@vectorr.com
  3. pauna
    pauna rkugler
  4. timwj2018
    timwj2018 Larry Clay
    Did you ever get your MPCNC working with the BlackBox? I have the same setup but haven't started the build yet.
  5. momodrus
    Researching for a project for my BlackBox controller
  6. Nitehawkhp
    Nitehawkhp MaryD
    I sent two messages in the conversations area. They both are the same message, the first one included Mark Carew and you, while the second only includes yourself. Would you be so kind as to look at this conversation and provide any information you can.
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  7. AmirSigns
    AmirSigns Rob Taylor
    hi im new in web site .
    i have question can you help me?
  8. Philip Castle-Smith
    Philip Castle-Smith alex_b
    Hi, who could I ask for help with my X-Pro board V2?
    Not touched the router for over a year but now that I try, the board seems to communicate ok but it will not operate the steppers?
    1. MaryD
      Jun 13, 2019
  9. Laker10925
    Laker10925 MaryD
    hello, Looking to buy a Lead 1010. I'm very new to CNC, but jumping in anyway..
    I was looking at both the Lead 1010 and the WorkBee 1010. Pricing both, the Lead 1010 does not list the "Wiring" as an option? Is it include as part of the bundle? It is an option on the WorkBee.
    I want to make sure I have everything when it arrives...
    I cannot find any Phone numbers to talk to a sales person, so trying here.
    1. MaryD
      In the Bundle Contents listed for the LEAD 1010, the wiring kit is INCLUDED. You are going to want to wait until this weekend to order though - Father's Day special coming up!
      Jun 12, 2019
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    2. Laker10925
      Wow! Guess i picked a good day to join!
      Thanks so much, looking forward to adding a new element to my retirement business!
      Jun 12, 2019
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  10. jjjump
    jjjump David the swarfer
    what post processor should be used for cut 2D desktop
    I hav an openbuild iead 1010 with the blackbox control
    1. David the swarfer
      David the swarfer
      The BlackBox runs GRBL so you need a GRBL post. If there is no post labelled as such then use the one that outputs the simplest Gcode, this means
      G1/G2/G3 codes are ok,
      metric and imperial (G20,G21) are both fine,
      NO toolchange codes,
      no tool offsets
      the full list of supported codes is on the GRBL wiki at github.com
      May 23, 2019
    2. jjjump
      Thanks I will look to see if I can find one
      May 23, 2019
    3. jjjump
      Thanks David found it
      May 23, 2019
  11. y2j514
    y2j514 dddman
    Hey dddman, I saw an old post talking about v-slot extrusion and you mentioned you were a distributor in Quebec (where I am from). I checked out your site fuzztech.ca but it doesn't seem to be working, I'm not even sure if you are still active on this site. If you are still active, and are still a distributor let me know so we can talk shop. Thanks
  12. Mohammed sultan
    Mohammed sultan Metalguru
    Hello sir,

    I have small Openbuild workbee CNC machine which 'm using for PCB cutting, I appreciate the CNC which you have given by openbuilds , the problem 'm going through is the small round tracks in PCB are not coming properly and i think it is because of mechanical backlash, can you please give a solution how can i reduce the backlash problem in my CNC machine.

    Thanks and Regards
    Md. Sultan
    1. Peter Van Der Walt
  13. David Beale
    David Beale
    Just ordered a C-Beam after many years of fighting (and learning of course) with a home-build!
  14. Gatchaman
    Gatchaman Aleksandar
    I'm still here.
    Just have to find a way to manually cut the 2020 to a precise length.
  15. arick_westwood
    arick_westwood Oderbang
    hello, i've a cube 2gen which i want to transform into a rep rap printer using ramps 1.4 and arduino mega, but i don't have the codes
    since i'm new into this kind of thing, i would like to ask help, if you could do it i would be glad
  16. Sounddog
    Sounddog Spark Concepts
    Having a problem with my Bluetooth Cable Replacement Link. Running OpenBuilds Control v 1.0.147 with xPro v3 on a Workbee 1010, Grbl 1.1f . Connects but keeps cycling the start up, loads, alarm flashes, clear the alarm, it reloads. Just keeps repeating! Checked the polarity and connection of the cap on the power supply and alls good! Help
  17. mohamed1010
    mohamed1010 Scott Martinez
    how i can get the manual of parts and the cutting map for mdf machine parts for
    The Growler
    Build in 'Cartesian Style CNC' published by Scott Martinez, Feb 28, 2019.

    This machine is a heavy duty, moving gantry style CNC router. It uses Teknic ClearPath servo motors driving ballscrews and linear rails. The machine has 36" x 48" x 19" of travel with about 7" of clearance below the gantr
  18. vze2pm3q
    vze2pm3q Mark Carew
    Hey Mark, I'm building an c-beam plate maker cnc, but my Z-axis doesn't seem like it'll go low enough to touch thespoiler board. Any suggestions
    1. Mark Carew
      Mark Carew
      Hello, yes you can cut and lower the 2 side columns to the height you need. All the best with your build!
      May 15, 2019
  19. Roy Wyatt
    Roy Wyatt GrayUK
    Gary, I think this may fit my needs. I looked up the Estlcam web sites and reviewed their capabilities and etc. However, I couldn't find anything regarding the use of a PROBE for moving over a 3D object and creating the GCODE. Could you either provide me with additional information about the Estlcam PROBE or send the link where I can lookup the information myself. Thanks again for your help.
  20. mayaman
    mayaman sgspenceley
    15 Series CNC
    Oh ~~~~~~ beautiful.
    Could you share a plate CAD file? I'm begging you. (-'.'-)
    badagayo@naver.com or badagayo@gmail.com
  21. Danny Simpson
    Danny Simpson MaryD
    Mary, I am planning on ordering materials for my build in the next day or so. Just noticed that all linear actuators in Store are listed as out of stock. I am checking to see if these will be back in stock soon? Mainly interested in Nema 23 Belt and Pinion actuator
    1. MaryD
      They are in stock now. A glitch maybe??
      Mar 5, 2019
    2. Danny Simpson
      Danny Simpson
      That's great news, thanks!
      Mar 11, 2019
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  22. FabLab42
    FabLab42 MaryD
    Hello !

    Do you have more informations about the wiring kit for the ACRO Systems ? What is it composed of ?

    Thank you ;)

    1. MaryD
      Mar 5, 2019
      FabLab42 likes this.
    2. FabLab42
      Thank you ;)
      Mar 5, 2019
  23. jamin35008
    jamin35008 Mark Carew
    I'm very new to all this. Considering this package: black rails, wiring kit, NEMA high torque motors, power bundle, thinking of opting for blackbox controller, and the dust shoe. I'm thinking of purchasing Vcarve to complement the LEAD 1010 along with using openbuilds software. Would you mind letting me know if this is everything I would need to get started? Do instructions for assembly come with the build?
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    2. jamin35008
      Hey RC. I searched for this on the Xcarve Facebook page and found a topic that discusses this with several people and they all say that they have moved their machine after it was assembled. With that I'm probably going to assemble mine inside and move it outside after its done.
      Feb 28, 2019
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    3. RCNunya
      Did you decide on ordering the blackbox controller?
      Mar 1, 2019
    4. jamin35008
      Yes. I'm going to. From what I've been reading it will have enough power to handle the high torque stepper motors.
      Mar 1, 2019
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  24. David Aguilar
    David Aguilar Gino Lanzi
    Hello Gino! I loved your hotwire project, I would like to ask you for more details regarding the electronics, what parts should I look for? I am a newbie, don't know much, researching I found out that purchase a hot wire CNC is quite expensive so I would like to create my own. Please your help will be really appreciated.
  25. Derek Boreman
    Derek Boreman Mark Carew
    Mark I seen you replied to someone about a phone number for support in April of last year. I am looking to buy the Lead Machine and I’d like to purchase it through your eBay store as I have a PayPal offer that expires tonight at midnight.

    Any chance you know how to make that happen?

    I’ve emailed the parts store. Sent a message of Facebook, and filled out a contact form.

    I have until midnight to make the order.
    1. MaryD
      This is the proper way to contact support. You've done all the right things. If you are not getting a timely response, please let me know.
      Jan 22, 2019
      Mark Carew likes this.
  26. Dzzoner
    Dzzoner Mark Carew
    Can you recommend a C-Beam Linear Actuator Bundle that has been used or would work well for the original OX build? I am looking for an upgrade from mine that would give me a stiffer z axes. Has anyone done this?.
    1. Mark Carew
      Mark Carew
      Jan 20, 2019
    Building first two machines simultaneously...long story. An OX and a joystick controlled Acro. :)
    1. MaryD likes this.
    Building first two machines simultaneously...long story.
    First one is an OX...second is custom version of the Acro.
    building first two machine simulataneously...it;s a long story.
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